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Originally posted Thursday, 23 June 2022
Online Day-Trading Guru Says She’s Preaching Caution Ahead of a Recession

Teri Ijeoma, whose “Trade and Travel” course has taught over 28,000 students, says inexperienced traders should stay on the sidelines.

This is the worst article I've seen on Bloomberg in recent memory. It reads like an adertisement for Ijeoma's $5,000 day trading course. The article presents Ijeoma as some kind of expert, advising investors/traders to be cautious during a tough market, and prominently links directly to her course website/signup form.

Here is but a small sampling of headlines taken directly from Ijeoma's website:

  • Earn $1000 In A Day With Teri (literally this is the title of the website Bloomberg links to)
  • $1,900 Made In As Little As 6 Minutes
  • Skeptical at first... and then she made $2,500 in a day! "I was ecstatic. If you're having any doubts if this could be for you, I'm telling you... take the course."
  • Freeing Us From All Our 9 to 5s
  • You Don't Need To Have ANY Stock Trading Experience At All...

This is awful -- a $5,000 webinar that encouraging people with no market experiance at all that they can gamble their way to millions, effortlessly.

Bloomberg knows that day trading, particularly among unexperienced retail investors, is categorically a money-losing proposition. It's worse the playing the lotto, and much more addictive. Shame on Bloomberg for publishing this trash.