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Originally posted Wednesday, 5 October 2022
Elon’s Back

All of this seems unlikely, though, and I assume that the deal will close. The stock closed at $52.00 yesterday, very close to the $54.20 deal price and up 22% from Monday’s close of $42.54. Several reports suggest that the deal might close “within a matter of days” or “as soon as next week.” Last night Musk tweeted that “Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app,” which sounds exhausting. The app will do everything, but it will start with two functions: You can read tweets, or you can be shot on a rocket into space. Choose wisely.

Why? Why would you spend this much time and money trying to get out of the deal, and be this annoying about it, and then just unconditionally surrender two weeks before trial? One possibility is that it became increasingly obvious to Musk that he was going to lose the trial, and that didn’t seem fun, so he seized the initiative (?) by surrendering instead. 3 If this did go to trial he’d have to testify (and be deposed this week), his text messages with his friends have become public and more might come out, and the whole thing would be more distracting, unpleasant and embarrassing than he really wanted.

Similarly, Jessica Lessin’s theory is that Musk “has bigger challenges to contend with elsewhere. Spending hours and hours preparing for a trial everyone thought he was going to lose didn’t rank high on the list.” Musk’s efforts not to buy Twitter were becoming too distracting, so he decided to become the owner (and interim chief executive officer!?) of Twitter instead to minimize distraction. That seems right. Sure, running Twitter will be distracting and time-consuming, but in a fun way. Trying to get out of running Twitter was probably fun initially, but now it has become a drag.

National treasure, Matt Levine.