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Originally posted Tuesday, 3 January 2023
2023 Will Be the Year of the Electric SUV

The ironic thing is no one really has any idea just how many drivers want to go electric, but safe to say it’s a lot. Surveys regularly peg the EV-curious between 25% and 50% and that share will only increase as products proliferate. For green driving, as the saying goes, it’s the best of times and…well…it could be better.

Continuing to frame EVs as some kind of "green" alternative is crazy. Extremely few people are in a position to pay an extra $10k+ on something just because it's a more eco-friendly choice. The real story behind EVs is that they're unbelievably better cars. Anyone who has driven one will tell you that it is a qualitatively different and better experience than a regular gasoline car. The best metaphor I have for it is like when high definition TVs first came out - once you saw that with your own eyes it was immediately obvious that it was the future of the entire industry.